Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been beading a lot of round motifs at the moment. This one a bezeled button with crystal of course

And a drop edging

it's destined to be a brooch which doubles as a closure for the felted clutches that will be made at the second annual Beady Eyed Women beach retreat in San Diego.

I'm quite excited to be teaching at the retreat. Both Jeanette and Arlene are good friends and the project brings together an element of design from each of us!

Go have a look, the beach in San Diego in January may be just the post holiday treat you need.

I've got access to a stash of wonderful buttons so you'll be sure to find one that coordinates with you nuno felted purse. I love the combination of felt and beads. You'll let your imagination roam free and come away with a one of a kind art to wear purse which will be a highlight of your wardrobe.


Stefanie said...


I'll be at the retreat and adding you to the agenda made the decision a YES DEFINITELY. I cannot wait to work with you, Jeanette and Arlene and the wonderful women going to the retreat. And it is my Christmas present from all my family to me. Do they want to get rid of me??? Who cares!

Lilith said...


Liebe Grüße lilith