Friday, November 19, 2010


One more time for Romantica, I'll be teaching it today in Cessnock. Then tomorrow will be the freeform collar ' collared elegance' . I look forward to the freeform. It seems to have lost some of it's attraction in recent years, but I think the technique still has much to offer for making a piece of beadwork that is uniquely your own.

Yesterday Amanda, who is totally delightful, picked me up along with Claudette and Barbara and we drove to Patonga to visit Sue Austin. I met Sue at the Bead Expo last week. She sells beads, pretty czech charlottes and a nice selection of other beads. Her home on the water was warm and inviting, an obvious artists home.

And she's a great cook treating us to a beautiful lunch, which was also picture pretty. A delicate piece of banana bread, with some clotted cream, but the highlight, that beautiful fork!

And on a completely unrelated note, the leggings are maybe an hour from being done now and this lays in wait.

washable soft merino, I so want to cast it on! Isn't it delicious? This will be my treat for the plane, who knows in 15 hours I could complete a baby sweater, if I don't sleep that is.


Arlenesfelt said...

Leggings????? What leggings?

Pastiche said...

I do hope you bought some of the Charlotte's... they are just gorgeous.

Pepita said...

How does one knit on a plane? Is there enough space?