Thursday, November 18, 2010

A day in Sydney

My 'borrowed' internet connection from the MacDonalds across the street is being temperamental and agreeing to upload only some of my photos so I've removed a few for the time being, leaving you with half of the story of my excellent day in Sydney. I'll add them back when I have a better connection.

I started my day with a breakfast croissant and a cup of coffee.

I meandered along the main shopping street and various arcades and side streets ducking in as the mood struck me. I found feathers and I am totally going to be making the feathered wrist warmers from my Melbourne post.
Mine are a muted purple.

I also bought more yarn, yes a soft aqua for a baby jacket and hat. The cashmere sweater is complete and the leggings are one and one half legs done. It's everything I can do not to put the remaining half leg on a stitch holder and cast on the new yarn. I won't but I want to. I best get finishing the leg which could be done in a two or three hour session, so perhaps that is tonights job.

I took the ferry across to Manley, the view was of this....
pretty good.....

and then in Manley I went to the beach, had a nice lunch and ferried back. A women approached me on the ferry and asked if I had made my earrings, then asked if I might be Marcia DeCoster. How crazy is that? I swear if I didn't have white hair and black bangs no one would know me. She was looking for a beading opportunity for next year, I mentioned that Beading by the Bay just might be a good one.

Next was the Royal Botanical gardens which was a beautiful spot. Lot's of shaded park benches and gorgeous flowers. I was enchanted with this angel sculpture. (unable to post the blog with this picture....)

It was time to head back and I decided a ferry would be a nice way to travel and it was, but...I can tell you the Holiday Inn Darling harbour is a loooong way from the ferry stop called Darling Harbour. My feet are in need of a serious rest.

Tomorrow someone I've been emailing with for quite some time has offered to pick me up and drive me up to Cessnock where I will teach for the weekend. I'm anxious to meet her, it's always nice to meet in person someone you've corresponded with. At last weekends Bead Expo first prize went to Patrick, I'm sorry, I don't have a last name...but I am sincerely hoping to meet Patrick this weekend. We spoke on the phone and there is some possibility he will make the trip to Cessnock. I look forward to it


Rachel Nelson-Smith said...

I particularly like the part where you were recognized by a random person on the street.

Mandi said...

I love that cute coffee cup! When you leave the country and someone still recognizes you, I think you have achieved beading rock star status ;)

MELI-BEADS said...

Hi Marcia!
I like your blog a lot!I'm gled I found it.Love reading your stories.
Your works are amazaing.