Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On to Sydney

I've moved onto Sydney, I'll be exploring more tomorrow, but for today let me introduce the friends of Little Hoot, distant cousins I imagine...

here is Little Hoot at the bead expo...

And the cousins (admittedly not all of them)

This darling girl was inspired by Frieda Kahlo

I love the eyes

these were made by the adorable Georgie, of jawjee beads. You know how there are people you meet and you like them instantly and you wish they didn't live half a world away because you know you would be friends...that was Georgie. I liked her even before she lent me her iPad with 3 g so that I could have a little midday Internet browse.

I'm thinking owl charm bracelet!


Anonymous said...

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Nicky Watcerson
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just me said...

i love those owls!!! are any of them moving to the states?

Andrew Thornton said...

Those owls are incredible!

Anonymous said...

oh Marcia... what found treasures those precious owls are... thanks for sharing your good fortune with us all.