Monday, October 15, 2012

Coogee Bay Dress

Remember my desire to make this dress?

Well look who is helping me?

Huib Petersen crochets faster then anyone I've ever seen! I handed him the pattern and without a word of instruction he sat down had a quick look and proceeded to finish a square in a very short amount of time......I didn't time him.....but I'm hoping he'll do another while I'm here.

Wanda also expressed in interest in helping and is also at the Southern Bead retreat, and I did bring more cotton, so I may leave here with three more squares!


Helen said...

That's hilarious Marcia! Keep them all away from the beads and hand them crochet may have your dressed finished sooner than you think.

Nancy said...

You'll have to wear the dress at Bead $ Button! 8)

The bad Liz said...

How sweet of him to help you make your dress. It's going to turn out stunning.