Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cassandra pendant

One of the wonderful things about teaching is watching all the different colorways people choose.  Last week while at Creative Castle, Sherry made the Cassandra component using all jade pearls.

In the past I have made them all using two contrasting pearls, a center color, the first round of 3mm in a contrasting color and the second round of 4 mm pearls the same as the center.   Or the center one color and the 3 and 4 mm pearls another as in this bracelet version.

I hadn't considered doing all three pearls the same color, but it turns out with the contrasting seed bead it was a brilliant combination.

I couldn't resist using the same colors and making up this pendant.

The pendant part goes really fast....the spiral, well that is a tad more tedious.  The spiral is alternating the 3 mm antique brass pearl with a 2 mm aqua brandy crystal....subtle but the perfect use of the 2 mm's as it adds sparkle all the way up your neckline.

I'll be teaching Cassandra at Beads by Blanche in November.  It turning out to be a very versatile component.  So far I've made a bracelet, pendant and earrings, but I think it would make an excellent rings as well!

 I'll also be teaching the very pretty Dancing Light and the brand new Vienna!  And it will be fall in New England, which is perfect for me, I crave a little of the good crisp fall weather now and then.

Dancing Light


Gabriela Manea said...

Wonderful as always!

hrudoff said...


cw whitedogjewelry said...

Really beautiful!

Las Cositas de Lyra said...

It's lovely!!!

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Jamie Lubin said...

Dear Marcia: Was recently at a free bead day at Blanches" and saw your samples. Nancy and I can"t wait to see you and start beading with you....each piece is more beautiful than the next. I know I own you a donut or a coffee....but how about a jar of brandied peaches? They are loaded with brandy....i must admit to a heavy hand....and I know that Pat would be happy to share them with you! So looking forward to see you!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Ooh Brandied peaches now there is an offer I won"t refuse!