Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Design - a mind of ones own

Yesterday I talked about the bracelet I was making and the challenges of a forgotten thread path.....Well as so often happens once the 3 of 7 pieces for the bracelet were made I started playing with arrangements....and a really pretty necklace showed up.

Mark is actually quite useful during these little design sessions, providing input and moving pieces around.

As always creating the appropriate connections and the rest of the necklace remained.  I had a good solution for both, pressing the new ERAW into action.

I used it to put a size 11 in a dark complimentary color between the peanut beads I was using for a necklace.  The effect if very subtle, actually almost invisible, but it does lend a touch of contrast which adds some visual interest to the gold shiny peanut beads.  I am thinking that putting an 8 between peanut beads might be even more visually interesting and I'm ready to try drop beads in cubic raw as well.

And if I weren't running out the door to get my walk in, and had photo stream actually worked so my camera photo showed up on the IMAC I would totally show you.....

But I must fit in a walk before the bead gals arrive.  The rest of the necklace is up today which is great. I find visiting while doing mindless beadwork to be the best.  If I am trying to overcome design challenges I end up being pretty useless.

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