Monday, November 5, 2012

Dream Keeper

It's true the Dream Keeper Vessel ring has me mesmerized and I just can't get there fast enough.  I know that I've promised and I'm trying hard, but I often forget the time and effort involved in getting something new released.

And I know there are those of you waiting....Lisa J....the directions are done and I will receive proof feedback tomorrow.  Mark has started to prepare the web listing, descriptions have been written, pricing calculated, photos taken, names given, supply lists made, and supplies ordered...and we are still not quite ready, and that is for the first two colorways.

Mark points out that we will be gone for a week, and maybe we ought to wait, I point out Lisa is waiting.

I am more enamored of this design and it's potential for fun, for color play, for gifting, for adorning our fingers, for capturing our dreams, then any design in a long time and I so want to make it available for you.  I'll continue to try but there are a couple of other projects demanding my attention.

Stay tuned, don't give up, it is going to happen....see

Each set of colors will be named for a woman who I hold dear in my life, and there are lots...turquoise gold is called Pat, grey and cyclamen opal is called Casey.  The colors coordinate but are inverse of one another.  One has a top of crystals and the other a top of pearls.  You'll be able to order one, pearl or crystal, or both for a little less.  I am pretty sure that their really doable nature will want you wanting to gift several.  I have so many color ideas and so many women I hold dear I think there will be many to choose from over time.


Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

*love* this design - can't wait to see all the color ways!

Unknown said...

stunning!!! both colours! Looking forward to see all the rest!

Pi said...

Hola que maravilla de anillos ,besos

Debra said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Patiently. I begged for this pattern a long time ago, so a little longer is just fine. I'm just thrilled it will be available. I can't wait to see all the choices. I might be a Tracy girl. Deb in Michigan, where it is suddenly too cold for me.

Las Cositas de Lyra said...

They are wonderful!!!