Friday, November 2, 2012

L.O.V.E. Beads

My grand daughters middle name is Love and so her newest alphabet bracelet uses those four letters, and is studded with Tierra Cast Rubber Ducks and a few Swarovski crystals....pretty darn cute.  She is a jewelry girl and loves her bracelets.  Next up I have a necklace planned with a sweet Swarovski heart at it's center.

 I also had to call on rusty sewing skills to make her a tutu to wear with her Elmo Halloween costume.  It's been awhile since I've sewed, but a tutu proved not too difficult and I can see she may need a pink and purple princess tutu in her future.

And while I had needle and thread in hand I decided to sew some darling little Michelle Goldstein beads that I collected some years back onto a soft hooded denim jacket.  Impractical?  We're talking to the Grandma who knitted a cashmere sweater and leggings for a one year old, so practical is not a strong suit here.
Michelle's beads are the perfect little girl beads, big girls too of course, but I love the pretty little feminine shapes for embellishing on a little one's jacket.

My plan is to have it turned inside out for washing and hope the glass survives, and if not, well it was cute while it lasted, darn cute!

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