Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nuance of a thread path

I beaded up a beautiful little nugget of beady goodness, put it aside and waited for the time to make some companions for a bracelet.  I'm always so sure I will remember what I did, it is always so clear when I do it.....

A bit of cubic raw and then some loops from each corner which capture a Swarovski fancy stone under the loops.

I could see that the loops exited from an interior corner bead, but once I did that, there was no way to travel to the next corner, and the loops were close together and didn't capture the stone as well.  I was stumped, I looked and looked and couldn't sort out how I did it.

I put it aside and went to bed and as so often happens I woke up knowing the answer.  I don't remember my brain working it out (sometimes I do, sometimes I draw thread paths in my sleep) but this time I just woke up in the middle of the night and realized that my loops were going the wrong way.

They needed to be across the center of the square and not in the corners.   Same beads are exited, but it makes all the difference in the way the stone is held.  Well at least in theory, I'm pretty sure I'm right, now to go and bead it.  After I successfully repeat the component I have to decide how they will be connected and finally how to provide a clasp that integrates into the overall design.

I've got a bit of solid time in front of me right now, good design time and a sketchbook full of ideas for The Bead Within.  So my time will be spent in the studio, the really clean studio, developing my ideas into finished pieces.

I love the quiet of serious studio time.  We are putting together more Dream Keeper rings, as the original production run have all sold out and we have many more orders.  Supplies should arrive today or tomorrow and then we'll get them made up and shipped out.  I'm hoping to release one more color as well.  The last color is named for a friend whose having a bit of a medical challenge right now and I wanted to send her  a dream, and some strength.  The rings are good for that, tucking in a private message for a loved on.


The bad Liz said...

Good job on finding a solution that works without having to re-do the piece. That is really a good feeling.

I decided to start putting my comments on your blog so you KNOW that someone is reading it. Do you have a tracker on your blog so you can see where your visitors are from?

Love ya!

Nissa said...

I have midnight epiphanies as well. Sometimes I stay up all night because I'm too excited to carry out my ideas in the morning and somehow it's much easier going about it in my head than in actuality.

If you're working on a new book then I absolutely cannot wait for it to come out. :)


Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Nissa, two new book actually!

Marcia DeCoster said...

and thank you Liz....and yes I have tracker and I do enjoy seeing the far flung regions of the world that visitors come from.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing that! I love seeing how you work up designs, and how you figure out solutions.

Christina Vandervlist, Spiritbead said...

I know whereof you speak...some of my best work has "made itself" by being in place, fully realized, in my brain upon awakening; all I had to do was sit down and put beads where I already knew they needed to be! It's not too often this occurs, just often enough that it's like a lovely old friend come to visit with a treat... can't wait for your next book! - Christina