Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dream Keeper - Christine

I really know her as Chris, but I liked Christine her real seems fitting for this vibrant pair of Dream Keepers.  One closed with the pretty new astral pink and the other with a copper crystal.

At a recent class at Creative Castle, Chris made a similar color way, using an apricot bead where I used the dark matte raspberry.  The gold is also new to me, a very vintagey looking gold.

This is the last pair I will make before doing the rest of the work to release them on the website.  After that I hope to release new colors at least monthly...I just have so many ideas for this ring.  It is a really fun place to play with color!

Good news bad news is that Mark is busy installing lights and adding water to our fountain which is a center piece of the back yard and has been waiting it's turn for attention after the hot tub deck.  This is the week, but, the weather report is predicting 3 days of rain starting to there is hope yet that there will be dream keeper kits soon.


Rosa Mira said...


newbeader said...

Hi Marcia,
that's my color, it's absolutely fantastic!

Shirley Moore said...

This ring is beautiful in every color.
Looking forward to seeing the finished fountain!

Lyra said...

They are beautiful!!!

Marcia DeCoster said...

the dream keepers became available tonight!