Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where have I been?

Well the dream keepers were a huge hit and we've been busy making labels and preparing shipments, which of course is all good, so I thank you all.  As of today they have all shipped and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Today was spent with friends and birthdays and it was an absolutely gorgeous day here on the West Coast, low 70's, gentle breeze, sitting at a table outside on the bay, completely lovely.

Tomorrow the new table gets delivered....and I'm hoping delivered means into the studio which is its destination.  Given that fully extended it is 104 inches long, it isn't going to be light.  But I am completely excited that I will be able to sit 12 comfortably around one table.  Of course at the moment I don't have 12 chairs, that will take a little work.  My current plan is to shop the consignment stores and collect an eclectic assortment of upholstered dining chairs...we'll see how that works out.

The table came from Z Gallerie.  You know when you've been looking and then you just walk in somewhere and there it is and you know it's right?

Here it is unextended but it comes with two leaves that make it really large.  Most of the time it will just be this dimension but when I need 12, and sometimes I do, it will be perfect!  I believe it may be Beki who gets to christen the table, but then Sabine is coming in March and I am sure she will enjoy it as well.

The one issue is keeping the (ahem) mess down to a manageable level so it can be cleared when a crowd is coming.  I can hardly wait to kit at this table.  Of course now that I have my recliner, I seldom bead at a table.  But I am still quite capable of making a mess!

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