Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beaders, I have new beaders

Niece's Madeline 9 and Amy 19 were both enamored with my beading and wanted to learn.

First we went out for fireworks, but Madeline, unimpressed just wanted to get back to try her hand at beads.

I thought I would teach her to string a few beads, but I could quickly tell that was going to bore her so, I switched to teaching her flat even peyote 3 stitches wide. (Stop laughing, I do too know how to do peyote, and as quick as she was I didn't think I should start with right angle weave) She picked out her 3 favorite colors in size 11 and began. What a quick study! I was amazed. She left with about 2 inches done and some beads and thread to keep working. I think she's hooked.

And Amy had an earring design going and just needed some guidance on how to complete them. The finished earrings were worn home by Madeline. That's two new beadweavers!

The day was stellar with 70 degree weather, a light drizzle at 2:00 and otherwise clear and beautiful for the family's arrival at 3:30. Food was abundant, including Captain Ken's baked beans (we dont' have them in California, they are sooooo good), sweet corn and a myriad of salads. Sister in law Wink, made potatoe salad with farm grown (her farm) red white and blue potatoes.

Enjoying the day...

Emmy and Chris

Katie, John and Vincent

Captain Mark


Madeline and Vincent

It's been a nice visit. I continue to get ready for my tv debut on Beads Baubles and Jewels and will leave here Tuesday morning for Ohio! What will I be doing? Bezelling rivolis with right angle weave. When will it air? Sometime in November. I'll keep you posted, although in San Diego I don't get the particular segment of PBS that plays Beads Baubles and Jewels.


coolmoon said...

I, too, have found that my best students have been the young and eager ones. There is a 'rumor' going around my area amongst the beaders that only 'old women' do the seed beading. I beg your pardon? and I beg to differ - So let's keep finding those young ones and keep the art of beadweaving alive....

Unknown said...

I completely agree! I learned to loom weave before my two front teeth came back in, and I've been doing it ever since! I can't wait until one of my nieces of nephews are old enough to show an interest. We would then be a third generation running! Yay to longevity!

Dagmar Fleuren said...

Oh I can tell you all had a great day. Lucky You.

flowersfleurbelle said...

Your beading is beautiful, looks difficult to do, but I am a hands on , have someone show me learner.