Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beads Baubles and Jewels day of filming

One of the things I love about being involved in a project like this is all the other artists I meet. Bead and Button is like that of course, but it's a whirlwind and it's big and I don't get to spend intimate time with other artists and explore their work.

Oh, the filming? You many want to know went well, at least from my perspective. Kathie the producer comes in and coaches you on your approach and timing with Katina the host. Once you start it is just like talking to a friend who you are showing your process too. I don't recall feeling particularly nervous but I also don't recall did I say um, or you know, or like or all my little speech idioms. No one said cut so I guess I did ok. I'll get a dvd in November when it's time for it to air and I'll post it for you all to see (well maybe, after I see it first...)

So for my 6 minutes of fame I got to hang around all day with super talented folks and peruse their stuff! You'd think I'd have more pictures but well...I don't.

I was completely impressed with Leslie Rogalski who filmed 13 segments in a super clever format of drawing the thread path and then beading all the most poplular stitches and then showcasing jewelry using the technique. She even used a couple of my raw pieces. Her work is geometric and clean and artistic and I really like it.

You'll for sure want to see the segments filmed by Mark Nelson of Rio Grande. He was totally natural behind camera and has a soothing yet commanding voice while imparting lots of great information.

Nina Cooper of Nina Designs was there

and I got to see many of her components worked up into jewelry and they were all fabulous and now I want so many of them. She also shared her photos on her latest trip to Indonesia. She had an amazing set of photos where she took underwater photos of her charms in a tide pool and they were so lovely. I think it was a Canon power shot which was fully submersible, wow!

Marlene Blessing was there. Marlene puts together larger ecletic pieces with huge style.

Then Jean Campbell came and set up for her segments 'beading for boys' 'beading with resin' and 'beading for metal allergies' Her January December Designer of the Year poject was there. All I can say is you best be getting that issue, it was absolutely fabulous and clever and brilliantly designed and I loved it.

Here's Marlene and Jean together, Marlene's the pretty blond, Jean's the pretty brunette.

I know I've gone on forever here, but then we all went to dinner which included three artists I hadn't met before who will be doing segments today. I'm sorry I wont be there to fondle all of their art as well. But I did enjoy lively dinner conversation and would have loved to have spent more time.

I met Kerry Bogert who will have a book coming out with Interweave and Melanie Brooks from Earthenwood Studio who is at the forefront of the Steampunk movement and was really fun and then Diane Hawkey who works with clay and whose blog I found to be really fun and expressive and who I also wish I had spent more time with.

It's been a really wonderful experience, thank you to Marlene for asking me!

Back to San Diego to get ready for the wedding!


Susan Wells said...

Man, what a whirlwind day you had! Sounds like a day you will never forget. Looking forward to seeing the recording (no censoring allowed).

Sleepless Beader said...

The whirlwind of Beads, Baubles & jewels was more fun with you there, Marcia! Your help was much appreciated in making the missing swatches, as was the loan of one of your fab pieces for my segment on flat RAW.

Hugs for the kudos on my "doodlebeads" method of teaching. I want passion for seed beads to be a complete worldwide epidemic, and hope my drawings make people say, "wow, I can do that!"