Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday we had a little time for a drive to Stillwater. We spent our wedding night at the Lowell Inn a charming old bed and breakfast. Stillwater is on the St. Croix river at the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I have a favorite shop that I visit whenever I make the trip to Stillwater. Rose Mille is a fun eclectic mixture of books, clothing, jewelry, home furnishings and craft supplies.

I got to talking to the owner a couple of years back and it turns out her first venture was in San Jose, California right near where I grew up the family and worked for many years. And now she's come back home to Stillwater. All the fixtures are innovative yet functional and it's one of those shops that is a pleasure to experience.

I'm pretty sure if the beading thing doesn't work out I could be a personal shopper.

Another noteworthy shop, new to Stillwater was Interior Motive with fresh modern home accents. Given that I'm travelling the glass salad bowl I adored was not going to go home with me, but I did pick up two napkins. I love cloth napkins and have a rather extensive collection, but can always use a couple of more.

The sky was brilliant yesterday. Nothing like a big fluffy cumulus cloud, backlit by the sun against a gorgeous blue sky.

We meandered around the lake on the pontoon boat, Mark again captaining the ship.

I love my ocean, the power and strength of the waves, the smell, but....I think this lake living is a pretty good thing as well.

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SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Oh, how I love Stillwater and all its' quaint little shops. You're making me homesick!