Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kristina Logan

Do you know her? I've known her work and loved it for many many years. Earlier this year, (or maybe last) she did a show with friend Heather Trimlett. I alas, as is so often the case, was not home the weekend of the show, but urged my friends to be there. Kristina and Heather, two amazing glass artists together, you just have to go! And they did, and came back with a collection of beads and two fabulous rings. I needed one, one of my very own pieces of Kristina Logan art and this year at Bead and Button I decided that would be my treat.

I love art rings and often my treat is a Kate McKinnon original, I have several, including a very cool spinner ring. But this year I wanted to join my girlfriends and be part of the Kristina Logan art ring club. Yes I am easily influenced. (And I managed to still acquire a very very cool Kate McKinnon ring)

And yesterday this beauty arrived in the mail.

I am totally completely in love with it. Thank you Kristina.


Unknown said...

I loved working with you on Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence AND Kristina on The Penland Book of Glass: Master Classes in Flamework Techniques (Kristina is one of the featured artists). Both of you create amazing, beautiful work! ~ Ray Hemachandra, senior editor, Lark Books

Valerie said...

Marcia, I've never worn a ring that elicits comments like Kristins's does. It's a showstopper in any crowd, and I love wearing mine. I'm so glad you've joined this club too! I can't wait to see your ring in person!

gruff said...

Love it!! Welcome to the club. I love each one she make more then the last one.