Thursday, July 23, 2009

The promised wedding pics

Apparently I didn't have my best photo taking skills in place this evening....but here are a few ....

Hakone Gardens in Saratoga is one of the most beautiful wedding spots I've ever seen. The bride walked on her father's arm (my dh) from up above through the gardens and across a bridge to greet her groom

Rings were delivered by a tuxedo'd Teddy, Lucia and Ethan's Yorkie Poo. Grandaughter Sam helped Teddy to find his way

My good looking family, son Brian, dh Mark, gd Samantha and daughter Lucia, Casey was elsewhere at the time and that is Ethan the groom, back left

Here's Casey

I'm the last to catch on to trends, apparently black and white prints are in, seems the older folks haven't caught on yet

That's Ethan's Mom Linda second from the left. I love her graciousness and her energy and kindness. I am so happy for Lucia being part of this new family.

Ethan and Lucia are enjoying a Carribean honeymoon cruise!


Becca said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. They are wonderful and everyone looks just lovely, especially the bride and you , of course.

Duchess said...

Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law on their wedding! The romantic garden setting was so perfect for a summer wedding. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and allowing us to meet your family.

Warmest Wishes,


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

How absolutely beautiful! You all look fabulous and happy!!!

And I think you should use 'Back to Beading' also... yes, we are in the same boat (though mine feels like it's filled with water).

Miriam Shimon said...

Beautiful!! Congratulations on the happy event!