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Seed Beads, Here's Why

What a wonderful response from the lovers of that little mighty seed bead

The most repetitive themes were the meditative quality of stitching them, the ability to make something beautiful from bead and thread, the variety of color, finish, shape and size,

Thanks to everyone who pondered the question and shared their thoughts!

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Shirley Lim at 7:42am July 10
I do have non-beaders saying to me: How did you manage to get the needle through the needle eye?I do not have the patience that most of my students or customers think that I have ... I just like to bead =)

Trish Froderberg at 8:32am July 10
For the love of the mystical magic - the tiniest of objects, woven together in rythmic love - true beauty!

Theresa Murphy Buchle at 8:37am July 10
We are a masochistic people.

Tina Bitney Hauer at 8:52am July 10
I think there's something in the character of a person that loves seed beeds that causes you compared to others (who can take them or leave them) to adore them. Here's three characteristics:-you can control them-you like shiny/glassy object-you like the fact that something so small and inexpensive can turn into something big and shiny

Jacquie Carlson at 8:57am July 10
I hear, "You must have a lot of time on your hands" which I laugh and say that can't be farther from the truth.(a bit insulting too) The attraction to color is first, then the addiction comes in, then silent meditation and peacefulnes of joining all these tiny ones together for one finished piece. If I couldn't bead I'd be lost.

Bev Hayes Berthoty at 8:58am July 10
I love the breathy sound of the words: bead, needle, thread. Then there's the rhythmic pleasure of beading with unending color, texture and finish options. I guess it's just pretty darn sensual when you get down to it.
Nan C Meinhardt at 9:14am July 10
Yes, those are always the questions people ask first. The next one is how much is that? And then often, "that much"? Hopefully they buy and don't walk away!

Rebecca Starry at 9:28am July 10
or, what medication are you on/should be taking

Jan Kemp at 9:30am July 10, Bev! You really hit on something with the "breathy sound of the words". You're right!!! I never consciously connected with that, but I will now. Thanks for pointing that out! : )

Linda Roberts at 10:06am July 10
I enjoy working with my hands and I also have a passion for tiny things. So weaving seed beads together with a needle and thread and creating something new brings a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Hadass Almogy at 10:28am July 10
I find beading very relaxing. and I think that working with seed beads is the most elaborate work, that shows that with a litle imaginagination you can make wonders even with the simplest and cheapest material.

Barb Switzer at 6:15pm July 10
My personal favorite question: "Are you compelled to do this by some sort of disorder?"

Heidi Leora Feldman at 10:18pm July 10
Tina!!!! "Inexpensive?" I WISH!!! My husband makes me feel terrible because he constantly tells me that I've got more than enough seed beads to bead with and before I get any more, I should focus on finishing what I have. pffft... I don't know about you, but they're expensive for me. I buy at least $200+ worth EACH time I go shopping... The addiction is a beautiful thing!

Heidi Leora Feldman at 10:23pm July 10
Nanc... I go through that all the time... quite sadly when one hears the COST of what you've made... it's suddenly, oh that's so beautiful... then all the guilt to make you give in... doesn't work with me. I did that with soaps a LONG time ago and N-E-V-E-R again. If one truly likes your art, they'll purchase it for what it's worth and for your time as well. If not, then someone else will. Don't give in. Follow this as your Mantra: Fool me once, Shame on you, Fool me twice, Shame on me.
Nancy Dale at 6:38am July 11
GOT to have seed beads - how do you design without them?! They are indeed addictive, both buying them and working with them. I love how the finished piece made with seed beads feels like a soft fabric, or a stiff form, or...all that is textural!!

Eleanor Walker at 7:43am July 11
Brilliant question, and facinating to read all the responses. Beadweaving has changed me; the first time I knocked over a tray full of seed beads onto the floor (black carpet, NIGHTMARE) and I didnt hit the roof, I knew I had changed. The words 'Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually' popped into my head from NOWHERE!!! This was a ... Read More million miles away from my usual ranting response!!I CANT bead when Im stressed out, however I MUST bead. So I have to calm down, breathe, and put down my stress. For someone previously diagnosed with (and medicated for) Generalised Anxiety Disorder this is fairly damn miraculous. There is no short answer to why I bead, only; making order out of chaos/nothing is soothing to my soul, and for me beadweaving is exactly that.

Melinda Hirsch at 10:20am July 11
Wow! I love the squares!!

I received these emails,

Hi, sorry for my English, I am Italian!When I first bought my beads by myself I was 12. I live not so far from Venice, the only place near to me where to loose in the beads was Venice... all that colors! Many years after that time (30) I still love beads, colors and everything can cames out from my hands. When I buy my beads it's not the project that makes me choosing colors, but colors that bring me to something!

Sheryl (Coolmoon) writes 'Funny you should blog about this, as I was just sitting down to MY blog to comment on how wonderful the current issue of BEADWORK is! I love every single seed bead project - and even as an intermediate/advanced beader, will learn something new from every single one. Why do I love seed beads? For all the reasons you listed - the carthartic-ness(is that a word?) the portability, the fluidness - I just love my seeds! Can't wait to work on Summer Soiree - love those bezels! And can't wait for Beaded Opulence - mine has been impatiently ordered. I know you've visited before, but my blog site, if you are interested is'

Rebecca Starry writes I talk about my love of beads in my artist statement...I love the challenge of bringing a three dimensional piece of art to life. I find the color, composition and engineering elements of making art to be particularly challenging and fascinating. Beads as a medium allow me to do this with a great amount of detail through various off loom techniques. I find beadwork interactive in nature – the colorful particles warming to my touch as I stitch them together one by one. This warmth provides me with pleasure and positive feedback as the artwork is constructed.and...I have only one rule while making art in my studio – no clocks or watches allowed. This rule frees me from the constraints of time and allows me to saunter down the creative path one bead at a time. I do not want the boundaries of time to limit the artwork from developing into its full potential. And, selfishly I did not want any restraints from exploring and participating in the full creative journey while making art.


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