Tuesday, July 7, 2009

on my way

I'm in the Chicago airport on my way to Cleveland for a beads baubles
and jewels beading segment. Also filming; Candice Cooper who I've never
met and am completely excited about meeting and Jean Campbell who I
have met and can't wait to see again AND Marlene Blessing will be there!

hopefully I won't have a complete nervous breakdown....I film
tomorrow! First you 'go to make-up' I've never been 'to make-up'

Tomorrow I'll give the update on how it all goes.


tnahowru said...

WOW! all I can say is WOW!

from the peanut gallery who likes to live her life through Marcia's.

Horse 'n' Round said...

"Make-up" is usually really relaxing -- you'll do just fine!

Rachel Nelson-Smith said...

Break a leg!

Susan Wells said...

I don't know why theater people say "break a leg" to someone who is about to perform, but supposedly, it's bad luck if you don't. So, break a leg! Be your sterling, glittery self and know that your ability to teach and exlain things with such clarity is second to none!