Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yes I love crystal, the facets, the sparkle, the shapes, can't remember seeing a crystal I haven't loved. There is a bracelet in my book with over 2,000 crystals, yep 14 gross to be exact.

So when shopping at I naturally chose crystals. I love the oval shape of these Swarovski crystals. The seed beaded ovals have been done for quite some time, looking for an inspiration to use them and I think I've found it in these pretty ovals.

The oval comes small and large, I think I'll be looking at the larger ones next.

Then there are the ones with holes, I woke up today with a fully formed idea of how to use these, so I immediately ordered some, can't wait to try out my idea.


tnahowru said...

look how good the pieces above look with your jacket below...

Mariposa said...

Thanks for the sneak preview and the "warning". Better gonna start saving my pennies for September and try to decide what crystal color I could probably choose to buy in bulk packages