Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bead Mats!

My friend judipatuti (real name Judy) designed a wonderful bead mat. Judy was indoctrinated into the year of the bead with the rest of my knitting friends when they volunteered to come help me kit and quickly realized the appeal of shiny little objects.

Although all amazing artists in different mediums they had yet to fully explore beads and beadweaving. So in exchange for their kitting help a little instruction was given and they were off!

Gail the painter among us and the most organized of the bunch (I know you're reading, but you do all know it's true) helped come up with her ideal mat. Judy was open to the input, created a prototype, received more feedback and the design was complete! We all picked whimsical, fun, bright coordinated fabric for our own personal mats and Judy accommodated.

This is mine and it's as fashionable as it is practical.
It rolls up neatly around a box to hold your project and beads

Accommodates extra bead tubes, as well as providing pockets for your needles, scissors and what have you, with an extra cover to protect them from falling out

Has a clever strap of fabric to feed through the hole in your beading thread

And of course provides a beading surface

Judy is Brilliant!


SharDon Exclusives said...

I think you got the best end of that trade! What a great idea and so practical. She should sell them by the hundreds. That is one clever friend. Enjoy!!

Mari said...

Excellent idea!!! she should sell them!!! Where to buy them, internet, by phone or Etsy?

coolmoon said...

Where can I buy, and more importantly, is it possible for me to carry a few in my shop?
If someone could reply to my email address - that would be great.
Cool Moon Creations & Beads

Katie said...

That is wonderful! I would love one of my own :o) She could be a gazillionaire after supplying the beaders of the world with a new toy :o)

Becca said...

Tell us where to get them!!!

Anonymous said...

Gearing up for production, I'll keep everyone posted! It really is one of the best I've seen.

a2susan said...

I agree with everyone else, I would love to own one, or a few for different projects. So pretty, practical, and makes you feel good just looking at the bright colors.

Valerie said...

Well, speaking from the very lucky owner of one of these fabulous bead mats, I can say every beader should definitely own one of these! They are the perfect travel mats, and are so comfy to work on. I loved beading with my mat all weekend long, and think it is really a must have!