Thursday, September 24, 2009


Color, such an important and personal component of an artists life.....I've had the good fortune to know quite a few folks whose knowledge of color has enhanced my beading life. For the most part I like to think I work intuitively..... but with guidance, and the further I explore, the more guidance I seek.

A few years back I was pleased to be asked by Margie Deeb to participate in her book 'The Beader's Color Pallete which is an excellent book.

Margie was always gracious with her knowledge and time and spoke to me on the phone as I contemplated writing my first book. Given the excellent quality of books Margie produces I was grateful for her input.

Margie has just released her 2009 Fall Color Report and in her usual fashion it is an excellently done publication with a huge amount of color information and inspiration. If you are looking to enhance your color story this will definitely be useful to you.

Next year in March 2010 Margie will be one of the featured artists on the 'Bead Cruise' sponsored by Humblebeads, Heather Powers. This would be an excellent chance for you to spend some solid time exploring your color sense with an expert! Margie Deeb, Mary Hettsmanperger, Barb Switzer, Beverly Herman and Melanie Brooks! Hard to go wrong with a line up like that. Then throw in a cruise with stops in the Virgin Islands....sigh, I have too many conflicts to make it this year, but with that group of artists all in one place I will be sorry to miss it!
And on a final note of appreciation, I am so honored to say that I have, in my travels, met everyone of the artists above and consider myself incredibly fortunate to have spent time with each of them. It's a good life I lead and I am grateful!

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