Wednesday, September 16, 2009


While we were in Santa Barbara we stopped into a store with a huge collection of unrelated stuff and the name was Random. At Random we found a chrome pedestal sink with a glass bowl which we bought for our eventual master bathroom remodel. First of all it is a rare event when Mark and I both instantly agree on a decision like that with no angst, and add to that it was a purchase for a future day? Truly out of character for him, must have been vacation. It reminds me of the commercial with the faucet and the women saying to the architect 'I want you design a house around this'. But I ramble, the point was, this is a random post.

I finally got the cord out and removed my 227 iphone photos onto my computer, so randomly, here are a few

Miss Maya in her newest dogbed, the combined work of Susan (knitted edging) and Judy (fabric liner) she is such a pampered dog, a custom bed in every room

My palm tree candle collection in my dining room

My newly registered plates, MadDesigns

A pretty fountain in Santa Barbara. Our house is art deco style so this is not likely the style we will choose for our water feature, but it is pretty....

Today is all about finishing up directions, writing the supply lists and readying for kit production on 3 new bracelets. I truly need to get ahead of the curve here as October is a busy month, all fun, but busy. See you tomorrow!


Try-to-be-better said...

hehehe... I love your plates!!! ;-))

Rabbit Liza said...

such a cute dog :-) I even envy it a little...also wish to have such cosy dog bed but for myself :-D...pity that my rabbit does not recognize such things as useful :-)

Carol B said...

I love that dog bed! Maya is so cute. What kind of dog is she?