Monday, September 14, 2009

Instant Gratification

Beadweaving is not usually associated with instant gratification....

But a felt ball, a pile of little sparklies, a mesh necklace....and you can have a charming little bauble in no time.

Yesterday was a fun day, crazy busy, but still fun. Starting with a trip to Kellie DeFries studio for some crystallizing. Kellie is the queen of crystallization, who I first met at a Talmadge art show a few years back. We crossed paths again in Tucson where she won an award from Swarovski for her fabulous crystallized artwork which fully covered a laptop. There is something about crystallized technology that I love. Many of Kellie's pieces are her original artwork, painted beautifully onto the object to be crystallized and then overlayed with crystals. And the results are gorgeous. I'm crystallizing my Birkenstocks and am entirely enamored with the process. (So enamored in fact that I neglected to take pictures of the darling Kellie, and the many artistic touches in her lovely home) But I'm going back and if I don't lose my mind once again, I'll have pictures for you next time.

From Kellie's,it was onto the Grove where folks came by to have a look at many of the pieces from the book, and to have their books signed by me. If you missed that event and would still love a signed book, there are several at the Grove, all signed by me, so head over. Several of the book projects will remain there are a couple of more weeks before they go on the road with me.


Mandi said...

Beautiful bauble! I have a friend that makes those felted balls. I might have to get her to make me some. Also Kellie's laptop is amazing!

Unknown said...

There is nothing quite so satisfying to me (on a textural level, mind you!) as combining Felt and Crystal. YUM!

Andrew Thornton said...

What a fun necklace idea!

OH! I had the pleasure of seeing Kellie's piece in person at the Swarovski party. It was WOW... in the darkened room with the lights shining on it just so... it made my fingers twitch to encrust my Mac with bling bling Swarovski!