Friday, September 4, 2009

Santa Cruz

I moved from Boston to San Jose and then to Santa Cruz, where 25 years ago I met Mark and began growing up our family in a nice house in Santa Cruz. Near where our children went to elementary school, then to middle school and then to High School. It was a fine house, my first, a 1950's ranch house that had been moved to it's location to make room for Harbor High, very same one that our kids attended.

It's a beach town, Santa Cruz, and an old hippy town and a college town, quite the ecletic mix and I love it.

I met Rachel there, so many years ago and had a fine career at Plantronics, and many beach memories. It may be that the walk on West Cliff is my all time favorite in the world.

This weekend we return to the wedding of Becky, a beautiful young women, friend of daughter Lucia, who frequented our home and won our hearts.

And we'll visit with friends, and family, breathe in the beach, relax a bit, enjoy one another's company. On our way home, a stay in Santa Barbara, I do love my beach towns.

I may bead a bit, blog a bit, photo a bit....and breathe deeply and appreciate my life.

Hope it's wonderful for you as well!

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