Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Best Little Bead Box

Carol Dean Sharpe and Jennifer Van Benschoten came up with the brilliant idea of putting together a traveling bead box, whose contents would be added to at each stop along the way. Twelve different people will get the box, taking something for themselves and adding something of themselves before passing it on. To follow it's journey, add 'the best little bead box' to your reading list.

The end result will be a donation to Beads of Courage, an organization which gives kids with cancer a way to tell their story through beads.

I was first on the list and the box arrived this week. What treasures there are! far there were no true sparklies, yep, no Swarovski in that box, and I couldn't let that now,

there are sparklies, lots of them....and I'll mail it on to the next recipient, who I think may have a sparkle or two herself.

In fact there are quite a number of sparkle girls destined to receive the box. I think very soon we will need a bigger box!

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Peggy Hawkins said...

This is such a wonderful idea. I coordinate the local Project Linus chapter and so many of the blankets i distribute go to children receiving treatments for cancer. They are such brave little adults. The strength and resilience they show is incredible. A lot of adults could learn from them