Monday, October 18, 2010


I do still bead...but these sweet lace and ruffled handwarmers caught my attention and I knew I needed a pair.

They were designed by Melissa, a knitter who kindly extended her friendship when I was new to San Diego and didn't know a soul. Knitters are like that. Since I gave up my corporate job and lifestyle, all of my friendships have developed through a common interest in making art.

Melissa moved away, but we've kept an eye on each others career developments, so I had a look at her endeavor called 'Krafti-kits' and was immediately enamored with Florentina.

The yarn is a beautiful hand-dyed fingering wool from PicoAccuardi Dyeworks. I chose the grey pink color. The kit arrived nicely packaged and included the size 5 wooden double pointed needles required. I tried using them, as I do love small wooden needles, but.... I'm uncomfortable with all those pointy ends, and I changed to using 2 size 2 circular needles instead. I'm so happy I had them on hand so I could persist in my impulsive need to begin knitting these.

Thanks Melissa, I'm happily knitting

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kate mckinnon said...

Oh! I want to knit a pair of those so badly I can hardly STAND IT. What a perfect project to begin with!

They look just hard enough to be a true challenge for a beginner, but just bite-sized enough to have faith in finishing.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Perhaps not for the faint of heart, worked in the round with size 2 needles, but a beginner with a desire to own these should be able to accomplish them!