Tuesday, October 12, 2010

IPad blogging

Well here is my iPad post, in preparation for my month in Australia and in the interest of traveling light (and of justifying my desire for new technology) I have a new iPad. the leaning curve is a tad steeper then I expected, which is why you see no photos. They have been uploaded to the ipad, but I have not yet sorted out uploading them to blogger.

I continue to prepare kits , write supply lists for new colors and generally get ready to travel on October 26th for a number of classes in Tasmania, Melbourne, and finally in Cessnock.

And work on my artstick in a few stolen moments......


a2susan said...

What an experience you'll have in Australia!

From people I know who have the iPad, my best advice is to take as many classes as you can, as often as you can before you go.


Anonymous said...

You downloaded blogpress on your iPad? When writing your story, a little button appears in the right upper corner: a camara. Click that and it should bring you to your uploaded pictures. Works for me that way. Gabriella

Lexi Schwartz said...

Where is Crannock? Been to the other two.

Nancy said...

Do the kits include Rings of Saturn in the special edition color way....I wait for it with baited breath!

I envy you the iPad. which one did you get???

And Australia! Sounds wonderful!!!