Sunday, October 31, 2010

Salamanca Place

This morning Jane showed me a circular,layered right angle weave that she had done quite a bit of playing with and I spent the morning playing with it myself. Big possibilities!

I showed her some Corel draw bead drawing tips in return. Then we got ready for an outing to Salamanca place where there are a number of galleries and even more restaurants. While wandering through we came across a quaint spot called the Tricycle Cafe. It looked small and inviting with an intriguing menu so we found a table and settled in. What a treat!

A neighboring table was served tea with honey, milk and a little antique teapot. Sadly, I thought, I had ordered chai and would not be receiving my own tray of goodies. But I was wrong, the chai came served on it's own tray, completely charming.

And the spoon was from Portland!

Cakes and pastries lined the counter

but I chose a white chili bean bruschetta of sorts...and it was incredibly excellent. The mix of flavors was perfection, with an olive oil coated toasted bread, a white bean chili delicately spiced and mixed with some fennel and avocado, all topped with a nicely dressed arugula.

We then continued to traipse through some galleries and peruse a wearable art show, before heading home for some more beading and knitting.

I discovered last evening that I have a heated mattress pad beneath my sheets, oh heaven! I'd like to go to bed now, but I suspect I will wait for a normal bedtime.

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Lisa Tracy said...

Marcia, it sounds as if you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy every second of it, and thank you for sharing it with us!!!