Sunday, October 3, 2010

A weekend of beading

I'm in New Jersey, and today I got the 'crisp' in the air that I always hope for in a fall outing to New England. On Thursday my hostess and I took the train into the city and had a wander around the garment district and SoHo.

Friday, Saturday and today are teaching days. So far we've done the Rising Sun and Aurelia and the colors that have been beaded are truly amazing. There have also been a number of design innovations that are spectacular. I have taken pictures and you'll have several to look forward to next week when I return home.

Beads by Blanche is an excellent store. Both a huge selection of seed beads and crystals, with a nice selection of findings, tools, books and other beading goodies, all in a light, bright well organized store with two of the nicest people, Blanche and Wendy always there to help.

Wendy takes a project, and with her amazing eye for color and knowledge of the seed bead and crystal inventory, will pull several palettes that students may select from (pictures next week). It's brilliant, but it has the effect of making me want to bead every one of them, so perhaps a new Aurelia is in my future. But first there is the one that Chris beaded last week....sigh, so many good options!

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