Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Hoot travels!

Well I'm on the final stretch of getting ready to leave for Australia where I will be teaching for the Victoria Bead Society as well as venues in Hobart and Cessnock. The trip will be longer then my average teaching engagement, with 4 weeks away from home and from family, friends and Miss Maya.

I have no doubt that I will make lots of new friends in Australia, but I'm sure there will be moments of missing home as well.

Wanting to make sure I had the 'home' connection, friend Susan made me this owl, fondly named 'Little Hoot' to travel with me.

The blue one on the right is mine! His companion will live at the shop waiting for little hoot's return.

Look for photos of Little Hoot as he travels with me through Australia.


Lisa said...

Travel safe, dear friend! XXOOXX

Jo Ferguson said...

Have a wonderful time in our lovely country.
What a pity you weren't coming to Queensland, would love to do a lesson with you, maybe next trip.
Joanne (from Beaddreamz group)

Karyn said...

I agree Joanne.. perhaps next time we can get her to come to Queensland. The weather is splendid here at the moment Marcia ;)


Pepita said...

Enjoy your trip. Lots of posts and pictures please!