Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the dot

This gift from a dear friend arrived on the doorstep a couple of days before the big artstick workshop. I brought it inside, set it in the studio and waited dutifully until it was my birthday. (My mother and I opened Christmas presents before Christmas and then re-wrapped them, I'm not proud, but I've matured since then)

I didn't actually wait all way until my birthday, on Saturday morning I opened the outside box. One gift was tied with a ribbon, but the other was clearly a book...wrapped in tissue....it was only one day early, I was savoring my workshop experience, the love of my family and friends....so I opened, the dot

Do you know it? It is an excellent book, and coincided with the message of the workshop beautifully. The essence of the message 'if you don't feel like an artist, just start somewhere, own your work, continue to build a body of work and encourage the next future artist'....all put more eloquently by Peter H. Reynolds.

On my actual birthday I untied the ribbon and found these beautiful salt and pepper shakers, with dots of course!

I happen to have a bit of an obsession with salt and pepper and the color orange and the reference to the book, it is a much loved gift.


Jo-Ann said...

"The dot" is one of my favs. I love that it shows readers that there is an artist inside all of us.

Carole Ohl said...

Thanks for this, Marcia. I've not heard of the book, but am going to find one. I love that the salt and pepper goes with it. Art is the salt and pepper of life!! It allows the true flavor of each person to emerge. Thank you!