Saturday, October 30, 2010

Salamanca Market

Jane graciously took me to visit the market before class began yesterday. It was reminiscent of the Grote Markt we visited regularly when we lived in Holland.

There were handcrafts, food, fruits and vegetables, flowers, cheese and wine.

The first stop was at Jemma Clements who makes hand blown glass beads.

I suspect the holes in these are large enough for the fire polish embellished right angle weave rope used in Shimmer Queen a book project. I'll have to get home to tell for sure, but they are beautiful regardless of how I might use them.

As we wandered through the various stalls I came across Ollie Bollen.

This is a Dutch treat usually only available in December in the Nederlands. They are served warm with powdered sugar and melt in your mouth. These were not quite up to Dutch standards but I did manage to enjoy it.

Then it was on to the workshop which I am teaching as a project class. We all looked at various samples using the diamond and ellipse patterns and plans were made.

There will be pendants and bracelets and double double ellipses and diamonds with ellipses and layered diamond ellipses. They're turning out nicely and today as visions are realized I will be taking pictures.


Bianca Velder said...

Oh my lord, Marcia, you do not know how homesick you have made me. 20 years in Australia and olie bollen I have not found bar in my own kitchen. I must visit Salamanca. See you in a few weeks, enjoy our beautiful country.

Pepita said...

Funny to read about oliebollen in october in Australia. At the end of the year we'll have them again here.