Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bead Organization

Organization is required to be really efficient, but the time spent doing it always feels like nothing is really getting accomplished….

I've been through this phase enough times to know that is not true, without it things can spiral quickly out of control and more time is spent trying to make up for the lack of planning then if one had just planned.

Still I am not enamored with having to spend the time as I did today, making room in drawers for new kit materials, putting away materials for kits that I will no longer make and generally getting this years work organized.

There are 75 of these drawers…..and about 30 new kits.

I have one spreadsheet which tracks what kits will be made in what quantity and for what venue.  A second sheet in that workbook has a running tally of what I've ordered so far (so I don't have a heart attack when the bills come!).

Each kit has a supply list, and about 1/2 of the supplies have been ordered, another big order coming this week.  That's where the draw cleaning comes in, I need somewhere to collect each of the bits that will make up a kit.

I look back on my first year of kitting for Bead and Button when I lived in a one bedroom condo and the dining room consisted of boxes of supplies on the floor.  I've progressed since then and I often think I'll be good at this job just about the time I want to retire!


Rita said...

I love the drawers! I'm stuck with metal shelving and plastic containers. I wish I could find something similar.

Rita said...
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Marcia DeCoster said...

Rita ikea has a similar set for far less money