Thursday, January 16, 2014


In preparation for filming a video on Right angle weave I am making up little samples of things and then combining them into jewelry because it seems to make sense.

I prepared a few step outs on turning corners in cubic raw which left me with a frame, so I naturally plopped a crystal on top, a 4470 chili pepper to be exact.  Then I did a step out on bezeling with flat raw, so combining the two was next.  I've had this wonderful bronze clay arrowhead from Judie Mountain since last year, and it worked so perfectly with the colors I decided to add it with a bit of right angle weave of course.

This raspberry ribbon was handy but I do intend to make a cubic raw strap to complete the design.

There is more going on in the photo then there should be, one textured prop is probably sufficient but I was being a bit lazy and working with what was near at hand.  

This exercise has me thinking about what I respond to in beadwork and lately it seems to be analogous color combinations, the juxtaposition of shiny with the matte metal and a lot of texture.

But then I'm fickle, tomorrow it may be simple shapes and clean lines.  What styles of beadwork do you respond to?


cherig said...

I like it all, especially yours. Aren't you lucky??

cherig said...

I like it all, especially yours. Aren't you lucky??

Rita said...

I started beading with Peyote stitch. That stitch is way on the bottom of my list, funny. Must say that RAW has a lot of different ways, which I really enjoy!

Marcia DeCoster said...

I must agree Rita, if I think design, I almost always think RAW

Bizzy B said...

I like intense color, sparkle & texture. Prefer working in peyote, RAW & embroidery. I love this piece & think the color of the ribbon adds to it.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Bizzy B, I do like the ribbon, but like it on a beaded necklace as well. Although laziness might prevail.