Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sometimes it's all just perfect

Every teaching engagement is a bit different and I am not suggesting that some venues are better then others, but that just sometimes, it all comes together in a way that is just extra special.

This weekends trip to Chicago's City Beads was like that.  I like to think I'm always a thoughtful teacher who can make a classroom fun, but sometimes I am just more, I don't know, more on top of my game then other times.  The people in the classroom are all lovely, my hotel is beautiful, and I have good friends in the city I am visiting.

When I get to spend time with Gabriella, who I first met in her first beading class in Atlanta a few years back, well when I get to spend time with her and husband Jeroen, I'm always happy.  This time we got to spend two lovely evenings together.

The Renaissance where I stayed, has a recently remodeled lobby that is just to my taste and big comfy beds with extra nice linens.

The weather had warmed up from the polar vortex of earlier in the week, and although Friday night was crazy nasty rain and slushy puddles, Lisa navigated us through that and we had an excellent meal in a perfect restaurant, and lot's of time to visit.

The three projects were well received and successfully beaded, and I had a really excellent time.

And now…..back to real work!  Supply lists and the mundane tasks associated with kit making and illustration writing.  A few full days will be required before I can play again, although I am carving out one day to visit with my bead group where I've been absent for months.

I did however make a decision to attend the Perlen Poesie show in Hamburg in August!  Lot's to look forward to.

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Rita said...

Good to hear you also had a fun time with friends!