Monday, January 20, 2014

Not beads….food post

Yes yes, this is mostly a blog about beading and I did bead today, with friends and made myself a simple little right angle weave neck chain, to go with a Swarovski Element heart pendant that I made quite a while back.  As I often do, I randomly incorporated a 2 mm crystal into the neck chain so that I get a bit of sparkle at the neckline.  Photos tomorrow!

But, we all need to eat.  Although I've never considered myself anywheres close to a foodie or a gourmet, I do like to put a nice meal on the table.  Given my short attention span, a meal has to be easy to shop for, not too many crazy ingredients and be big on flavor.

I mentioned previously, The Joy of Eating, gifted by a friend so many years ago, a well worn reference.  Thirty years later I was gifted a second cookbook and I couldn't love it more.

EATS by Mary Rolph Lamontagne

As the cover describes, 135 colorful recipes to savour & save.  The book is arranged by color which is a unique perspective and makes one think.  Also listed are the health benefits of the main ingredient as well as a master recipe and a second which uses the master in a new fresh way.  I am a huge fan of leftovers since I don't want to waste the time I do spend in the kitchen.  So far I can vouch for the lemon infused asparagus quinoa on page 21.  I know some who do not embrace quinoa (Susan) but this recipe has such a huge flavor quotient it is definitely worth a try.

So if you also like to put an easy, flavorful and unique meal on the table I highly recommend this book!


Rita said...

If it's easy to cook, I'm in for the buy. My husband basically is a simple eater. No asparagus for him, won't even eat white asparagus.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Hmmmmm. Rita, then this book may be a bit too adventuresome for his taste.

Rita said...

He's basically meat and potato person. Oh, burgers are his favorite. He will try new things though.

just me said...

try the white fish with tomatoes. and while you are eating quinoa, i am eating cardamom cake with coffee glaze!