Saturday, January 11, 2014

City Beads

I managed to miss the polar vortex which is quite ok with me. I do like winter and snow but any temperatures below zero are just too cold.

It's been a great trip so far and tomorrow there will be one more fun filled day teaching Quattro cupole.

I got to share a beautiful meal with friends Jeroen and Gabriella on Thursday night and was treated royally by friend and store owner Lisa.  Last night was cold and rainy and we chose to wait out the traffic and eat near the store at Bistro Campagne on the north side of Chicago.  The decor was electic and the atmosphere intimate.  Our table looked out onto the snow covered garden seating which added an element of coziness.  The service was impeccable and the food was exquisite.  Rather a nice experience.

Yesterday's class brought the treat of meeting Deb Wozniak.  Deb was the high bidder on the Gabriella necklace from beaded opulence.  I donated the necklace as a fundraiser and when we discovered that Deb would be in my class, it was decided that I would personally deliver fun!

Here is Deb with her Gabriella!

(Technology has thwarted my ability to share this photo with you.  For weeks blog press has not worked on the ipad and now does not offer camera roll as an option for selecting photos.  I will update when I arrive home)

I was able to share time with many friends from previous years and meet a few new ones as well.  Two southern ladies actually braved  Chicago in January to join me and both have been a delight.

Bead well and more stories to follow.


Debra said...

Marcia, Thank you very much for delivering the beautiful necklace and, of course, for the wonderful classes at City Beads Friday and Saturday! I had such fun and will enjoy wearing your necklace for many years.

I hope your travel home goes well & that I can take another of your classes very soon. I really enjoyed getting acquainted and look forward to seeing you at Bead & Button! Deb

Nancy said...

Really UPSET I'm not there...but cold, ice big time!