Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Simply Elegant Earrings

I haven't yet tired of this earring, especially since I can change up the feel endlessly just by changing the accents I use.

And……I can whip a pair up in under 1/2 hour to go with any outfit which doesn't yet have a matching pair.  Such was the case when I put on my usual black, but with the red accent of a deep red velvet scarf with black polka dots.  I had no red at all in my earring stash.  What's a girl to do but make some!

Since I don't have a lot of red crystal in my stash, I opted for the really neutral platinum pearls with light metallic gold crystal and then used a size 15 silver line dark red to accent in between each of the craw corners.  A loch rosen (crystal sequin) finishes up the bottom, with the crystallized tear drop.  These are also kicked up a notch by using 4mm crystals and pearls instead of the 3 mm's I'd used previously.  Want to make a pair?  Directions are in the link on the sidebar.  If you do, send photos!

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