Monday, January 6, 2014

Beading step outs

I will be filming a Right Angle Weave instructional video for Interweave in February.  This requires that I think out the different types of right angle weave I want to share and prepare small step outs to illustrate the steps I will be describing.

I also think it's nice if you are going to show 2 bead to a side RAW, and diagonal embellishments, that a bit of jewelry using that technique can be shown as well.

Hence the two wrap, bracelet, featuring the always beautiful EZEL clasp.

Of course I can't ignore Cubic Right Angle weave, so here I have done the earrings that you find on my side bar with size 4 mm pearls and crystals instead of 3's.  They really chunk up the design and I am loving them.  That and who can go wrong with Swarovski elements antique brass and jet ab2x.

Next up I will be addressing circular right angle weave with graduated sizes of beads.  I have the beautiful Aelia already beaded to illustrate what a versatile stitch circular right angle weave can be.

This sample will do double duty showing tubular and layered right angle weave in the beaded bead bail.  Of the three Aelia's this is the most popular color way.  I like to wear this and the special edition Romantica together, but really my favorite Aelia to wear is the Dark Silver and Platinum pearl color way.

Fortunately for me I've got a lot of work in Right Angle Weave to demonstrate the various stitch variations that I will be describing.  I think though as I delve further into the stitches versatile nature a few new simple designs may show up.


Rita said...

I did not know how to do the Cubic Right Angle weave till I bought your woven pearls bracelet. You made it so easy to learn it with that kit! Can't wait to see your film!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Rita, It is certainly a good stitch to have in one's repertoire!

Korespondentka wojenna said...

Absolutely amazing!