Saturday, January 4, 2014

Memory Vase

I've noticed among my friends a desire to save this years memories in a jar to be read back in the New Year.  I think it would be a lovely tradition to start…..and so I have!

I thought this beautiful heart vase would be the perfect vessel for keeping track of beautiful sentiments.  For many years I collected art glass vases from Lundberg glass in Davenport on the coast of Northern California.  This is one of my favorites from that time.  It is signed and dated 1995, so next year when it unveils the year of handwritten highlights it will be twenty years old.

Yesterday I received a lovely note, appreciating who I was in someone's life.  I was very touched and thought that to be a fitting start for adding to the memory vase.

Certainly my blog tracks a great deal of my history over the last few years and I am happy to have that life journal.  I think this however will be a wonderful look back at the things that make up the magic moments.  I would like to work towards living more mindfully and I suspect this will be a good start.  I can see also making a pretty box that will hold each years memories as the vase moves into the next year.

I'm off for an ocean walk and then a session of taming the studio and readying it for the work that must begin.  I will begin planning for the first of this years engagements.  I also have some not well shapen ideas for some new beading and….I'd like to put a bit of focus into making the Robbin's nest bird ring available as a kit.

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Jenny Sangster said...

What a fantastic idea! I'm going to head out and buy a vase tomorrow :)