Monday, October 19, 2009

Creative Castle Reunion

At least it feels like a reunion when I teach at Creative Castle. Nine years ago Carole picked me up from the Burbank airport for my first engagement. We know that because she recently found my original proposal. I've been coming back every year since and so have many of the gals who take classes there.

Carole herself is lovely and engaging and never ages!

Lisa and Hannah came. When Lisa first started taking classes Hannah was 9 years old. Now she is an avid beader and Mom and Daughter take classes together. We've also shared knitting stories over the years with Lisa always presenting the most intriguing knitting. Yesterday she gifted me with a beautiful yarn and pattern that I'm excited to start. Here's Hannah wearing a bubble blower from oh so many years ago...

And me taking a picture of Lisa taking a picture of Hannah and I.

Then there is Chris. It hasn't been ten years but maybe five. Chris is a very accomplished beader with a keen sense of color who always does beautiful work. Her Romantica is one of the prettiest I've seen with pale aqua gemstones and subtle golds.

True to my hopes for a process class, Chris designed this necklace using the diamond and ellipse shapes. It is going to be very graceful. Despite looking simple, there is a lot of thinking that goes on to shape and connect the ellipse and diamonds in a pleasing arrangement and Chris has done it well.

Hannah was working on a double double bracelet with diamonds and ellipses on one bracelet intersecting with ellipses and diamonds on a second one. Lisa worked on a reversible bracelet in soft browns and bronzes, which will be edged in the new light gold metallic. Despite my initial disappointment that it wasn't gold aurum 2x, I really like the new light gold metallic. It has a platinum look and looks great with the new platinum glass pearl.

Armenah and Nita both worked a reversible pendant and Susan was working square medallions with a bezeled vintage rivoli which were destined for a box. Judy was using the shapes for a full size mask to be hung on the wall and Carole was busy learning the shapes and developing ideas to use them.

The drive up and back, just under 3 hours each way afforded me time to listen to 'Help' recommended by a friend. You're right Lisa, it's a wonderful story, thank you.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for a wonderful, inspiring weekend! We had a wonderful time. Here's to many more happy beading years.

You're right, Carole doesn't age! I'm going to look for the portrait in her attic!