Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lake Tahoe

I must say the drive up, though long, was beautiful. We at the guidance of my British friend (GPS) took a back route up 15 to 215 and then 389 and avoided LA altogether, which was welcome. 389 at times was a two lane undivided highway, but not well traveled so it wasn't much of a problem.

But on to pictures, a couple at least

Here are Laura Timmons, Swarovski ambassador and teacher, who taught a full day of classes on Thursday, and Julie from Tierracast who is one of the retreat sponsors. Together they are a bunch of fun and so cute!

And here is darling Jessica who I wish could follow me around and keep me organized! She was very motivated to help me keep track of my green pen as she wanted her book signed. Look at the beautiful broad collar she had on.

This would be Phyllis and Elane. Elane taught me how to stand for that younger and thinner picture and I think she was right, it works, proof later. Phyllis shared that she was somewhat new to beading, but you couldn't tell. She was very enamored with her bracelet which was turning out beautifully.

Arline and BJ are part of the Clovis contingency who are here, 6 beading friends who travelled together to this event. Arline is 'beadlady' of the comments. The Clovis girls and I go way back so it was a pleasure to have them here.

Today a new class of students, more new and old friends, and the forecast.....snow showers, now that would be about perfect in my book.

And dinner with Sherry? Mark drove and scouted out a charming older hotel with a restaurant on the river. It was lovely as was Sherry, a perfect evening.


The bad Liz said...

What a great group of beaders - can't wait to see the fruits of their classes showing up on other blogs. Just sign me "Jealous in Michigan"

Lexi said...

I must say that BJ's necklace was quite restrained for her!