Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Tahoe

The second day of fun at the Bead Unique Lake Tahoe retreat. Beaders coming together in a retreat setting is magic. Being surrounded by so many like minded folk, beautiful beadwork and lot's of frivolity.....a great time. I'm so happy that Beki asked me to be part of this.

For your viewing pleasure

Jamie who comes from New York but who I first met in Kentucky, excellent beader, good fun and Beth who proclaimed to be a newbie but was doing beautifully

Cheryl, friend of Naomi, helper for the retreat, good fun and new facebook friend

Naomi, so sweet, so incredibly talented, wearing a beautiful new piece each day and in the background, Karen and Dustin studiously working on their Queen Anne's Lace

Peeking in from the corner Christina (sorry dear) and AJ who I first met in Tahoe and then on facebook and now in class, and Betcey of Beyond Beadery who I met a long time ago, but have now had the pleasure of spending some time with

And Maia, a very nice beader, beautiful smile

Dustin and Nikki who both finished their bracelets in class!

Last night was the pajama party! and snow! a mere dusting, but I was delighted. I'm looking forward to my next class today and I'm hoping for more snow...we'll see.

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Jean Hutter said...

love seeing the photos and I love to see what jewelry the people are wearing - not to keen on the snow!!!