Saturday, October 10, 2009


My Miami trip, for the time being will be photoless....I'm a tad technically challenged at the moment, memory stick not being recognized, which is a shame because I have some great photos of smiling faces.

We're working on urchin beads and they are coming out beautifully. Lynn and Diane both made exquisite urchin beads before coming to class and both also made book projects. Lynn made a really fun Quetzal ring which she gifted to me (I'm a lucky girl) and Diane made an Amphora bead with aqua's and bronzes and it's gorgeous. She made two urchin beads to coordinate and is crocheting a matching rope. This is going to be one stunning necklace.

Miami is having 'unseasonably' warm weather, really hot and humid which is quite the contrast from last weeks snow in Lake Tahoe.

I'm being graciously hosted in a beautiful home by Myriam. Myriam's husband is a connoisseur of wine and cheese and has shared some lovely selections. Then out to a South Miami artwalk and on to sushi for dinner. It's been a really nice trip so far.

Oh and on the book front, my book 'Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence' has enjoyed a return to number one in beadwork and jewelry categories on Amazon. It is also back in stock after having sold out it's first printing and being on it's way to selling out the second. So if you're waiting on a book from me, it's coming shortly. And a big thank you to everyone who took their time to review it on Amazon. Life is good!

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