Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Miami....

The promised pictures, now that I am home I reviewed the weekends photos and selected some for your viewing pleasure.

It was a fabulous weekend. Miami is tropical and lush. I'm not a fan of heat and humidity, but the exotic plants and beautiful foliage was a visual treat. Myriam graciously drove me around many pretty parts of Miami.

Myriam was such a nice hostess and her husband Bob a nice host. It's not everyday you get to feed the pet squirrel his daily ration of nuts. Pretty darn cute.

Lynn came to class with this urchin complete and we paired it with one of my ringlets and a Heather bead. Fun!

Lynn also made this version of Quetzal from the book and then gifted it to me.

Diane made this small urchin and put 2 mm crystals in the spine, a great variation.

Here is Harriet looking lovely on a self acclaimed good hair day.

And a picture of my host Myriam and her beading neighbor Leann.

I was welcomed home yesterday by the San Diego sky, a loving husband and a happy happy dog.

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