Monday, August 17, 2009

Florida in January!

I'll be teaching for the Florida Goldsmith Guild January 4th - 8th 2010. I know, it's the Goldsmith Guild, but they like beads too. This is their annual Winter Workshop with 5 fabulous artists in a resort setting on the beach in Florida! Read more details at

I'll be teaching two different classes and I'm doing something a little different. Both classes are exploration style.

A Study of Right Angle Weave beading for three days where we will delve into all the versatility right angle weave has to offer. Using my book 'Beaded Opulence' as a textbook we will explore flat, tubular, curves, embellishments, layering and more. If you've ever thought you'd like to learn this stitch in depth, this is your chance.

The Regency bead necklace is a two day class where beaded beads will come to life with many different variations. Your completed beads are yours to string into an eclectic necklace or bracelet.

Florida in January, the Atlantic Ocean, Right Angle Weave and Beads, it's going to be a grand time, you may want to consider joining all that fun!

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Fofinha said...

Yout new book is fantastic - -thank you very much!