Monday, August 31, 2009

Seed Bead Fusion

What a great name and Ms.Rachel's book certainly lives up to it's name. The projects are completely innovative, and I love that they combine wire work with the bead weaving.

The cover gives you a clue about the bright light colorful and fresh layout you'll find inside. The combination of illustration and close up photo's of the various steps insures your beading success.

The book is gorgeous and can be bought from Ms. Rachel or from Amazon. Although it would be easy for me to be a tiny bit biased, I've known Rachel and loved her work for a long time, it is with true respect for her book that I mention it to you. It's very very well done in Rachel's usual artistic and competently technical style.


Katie said...

I can't wait until I get my copy! Her work really is different and awesome, so it will be nice to have the step by step (and picture by picture) for the projects.

There's a neat book excerpt in this month's Beadwork...I called it the "Bead Cruise Reunion Issue" because one of your projects is in there, there's the excerpt from Rachel's book, and there's an article/interview about Heather. :o)

abeadlady said...

I immediately ordered Rachel's book when she taught for our Bead Retreat this summer. This girl is not afraid of color. Can't wait to get it.

I got your book, but the pages are all wet from me drooling on them. LOL