Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm grateful

Grateful that I have during my 'other' life working in information technology, acquired a number of skills that serve me well.

Being an artist is never about just being an artist. There are so many different things that need to all come together if you wish to be an artist with a roof over your head and food on the table. I'm exceedingly fond of both those things.

So I feel very fortunate to be able to write directions, photograph my work, write about my work on this blog, tell you about my work on my website, manufacture my work to bring you kits, and generally manage this little business called MadDesigns.

And when I'm stumped, Mark is always willing to step in and be my partner. And if I need help I have many friends who are willing to do the same. Life is good.

And so today I turned the illustrations and directions for the business card case into a little booklet which will accompany any book ordered from me.

And then we put together the assembly line, saran wrap, cardboard, heavy duty stapler, labels, ready set go, now all we need is books, which I hear are on their way and should arrive this week!


kate mckinnon said...

That's very nice. I like to send something special to the people who support me by ordering directly from me as well.

Love the little card case.

I also am grateful that I bring enough assorted skills to the table to be able to support myself with my art; I can't imagine any other life now.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Roof over the head, food on the table? Being paid for all the hours and hours? Really?

So glad you've got it all together, that you are reaping the rewards of all of your talent and time! Fabulous idea for direct ordering!!! Of course, your autograph is enough for me...

Mari Aparicio said...

This business card case is awesome!!! I can’t wait for my copy of the book!! I’m a girly lawyer and I know that when people ask for my business card and I take out this case, they will be amaze!!!

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