Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been grand!

I am feeling such joy at the number of messages I've received from people who are pleased with the book. Many folks took their time to send me personal messages, contemplating which projects they might try or just their general excitement at the contents.

Here Fleur Fantaisie, in the Armature chapter is tubular right angle weave using size 11's and 8's to give it texture. The matte metallic seed beads compliment the matte metallic finish of this lampwork bead by Gail Crosman Moore.

Gabriella from the embellished chapter was named for Gabriella a Dutch friend I met in Atlanta who suggested the stone beads that embellish the front and back of this gracefully geometric pendant.

Also in the embellishment chapter is Cascade, a glittering coppery necklace with beautiful drape.

The writing, editing, printing, and distribution are all steps between the conception and release which must be completed in some kind of timely fashion so that you might all have the book in your hands.

For the most part they came easy (that may be a view that has been tempered with time). I conceived of the format, using different chapters to illustrate the stitches versatility. Project ideas presented themselves in my imagination and were beaded. I did the illustrations (ok, that part was not quite as easy, but I had great support, thanks Bonnie!). Each piece was sent to a tester, there were many and they were all wonderful, providing invaluable feedback. Then tech editing began with Jean Campbell who did an amazing job, creating a consistency of terminology (in my version I routinely passed through, traveled through and wove through beads) Jean gave me the right language and insured the connection between text and illustration . There was more editing at Lark and photography and art direction and layout.

And personally I think the result is a really nice book, one that is not only beautiful, but achieved my goal of bringing to you the amazing breadth of design possibilities that can be woven with right angle weave.

There are so many who supported me along the way and as I move forward, with their words of kindness and encouragement. Thank you.


vwise said...

GREAT BOOK, in my dreams I want to complete every project int eh book. Love the Book!!! Much success.

Arlenesfelt said...

Can't wait to sit down with a good cup of coffee and peruse all the dazzling projects!

abeadlady said...

Was finally able to sit down and go through your book page by page. It's a stunner! Even with all the editing, it still is so you. The projects are fun and I like the progression of sections. I was able to see some of Rachel's pieces in person this summer and they are wonderful. Great work, all around.

Carol Dean said...

It is an absolutely gorgeous book, wonderfully written with fantastic projects. With you by my side, I will learn this stitch ;D Finally!

Katie said...

I so love the book, and just looking at the color combinations and bead choices you made can be such an inspiration! Heck, it inspired me to get a couple of my own Gail Crosman Moore beads :o)

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Just picked up my copy today, can't wait to read it through, ever so slowly and reverently! Thanks, Marcia and congratulations on creating such a wonderful book.